A very big and fluffy Alaskan Malamute! He is loving being in his natural snowy environment. This breed for their strength and endurance to pull heavy things. As a result, they make great sled dogs! 

It has been a cold week here in Wilmington, so they snowy scene seemed almost fitting. Although we don't get much snow here. I'm a fan of warmer weather, so I am (very much) looking forward to Spring warming up...and I hope soon! Have a great weekend friends!


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, an adorable little dog with cute little stumpy legs. I found out recently that the Corgi was originally bred for cattle herding! Now that's something I would love to see!

- Lauren

A fluffy Shiba Inu! Wow. So art.
Half way to the weekend!


This is a little drawing I did of a Brussels Griffon. I was inspired by... Instagram @squidthegriff . What a cutie! Digital art done in Adobe Photoshop with the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.

If you have been wanting to check out the children's book I've illustrated, your chance is now!

As part of America Saves Week, Bizzy Whiz, LLC is participating by giving a free viewing of If I Have a Penny online for you and your children to enjoy. This is a great way to kick start teaching your kids about earning, saving and spending money.

Only this week, February 26-March 3 you can read If I Have a Penny online for free at www.bizzywhiz.com .

There are activities and crafts that you can download for children 4-8 years old that go along with the book.

Please take this opportunity this week while it is available. If you loved the book, please support Bizzy Whiz (and myself) by purchasing the available books at www.bizzywhiz.com/bookstore .


This is Finley! Our new (and quickly growing) puppy! He is also a border collie, but is of red/white coloring. He is opposite in personality to Cassie. He is more laid back, lower energy and very affectionate. He doesn't seem to mind Cassie's bossiness, and plays very gently with her. When he does get burst of energy he likes to zoom around the backyard or chase after Cassie when she is trying to catch her Kong Frisbee. 

This is my sweet girl, Cassie. She is a black sable border collie. She is two years old now, and loves her frisbee. Actually, she is obsessed with her frisbee. If she could play with her frisbee all day and everyday, I have no doubt that she would! We like to do agility, which is a dog sport that involves an obstacle course of jumps, weaves, tunnels, and many other obstacles. Cassie is so fast that I sometimes have a hard time keeping up! I hope that we can improve out skills enough and do competitions some day!

A pooch portrait of a cute black and white border collie, named Copley. She loves her red bandana and her red Kong frisbee! Copley reminds me so much of my border collie Cassie and her frisbee obsession! 

This is a recent pooch portrait that I did for a sweet friend. Meeka the husky/ German shepherd mix is so adorable and sweet! She has the cutest personality! The painting was done in acrylic on illustration board and measures at 8"x8". 

It's official! I've finished illustrating two children's books! They are now printed and ready for you to enjoy!

Please visit the official Bizzy Whiz Bookstore to order the books.

Also, on the website you have access to free lesson plans and activities that go along with the books. If I Have a Penny and If I Earn a Penny are geared towards children around the ages of 4-8 years old. These books are a great way for children to learn about earning, saving, and spending money. There are also some adorable characters to help them along the way!

Cover from If I Have a Penny© 2012 Bizzy Whiz, LLC. Used with permission.

Cover from If I Earn a Penny© 2016 Bizzy Whiz, LLC. Used with permission.

You and your child can access great learning resources to go with the books on the Bizzy Whiz activities page. Once there, you can download free coloring pages as well as other activities.

© 2016 Bizzy Whiz, LLC. From page 10 of If I Earn a Penny. Used with permission.

© 2016 Bizzy Whiz, LLC. From page 10 of If I Earn a Penny. Used with permission.

Illustrating these two books was an amazing experience and a dream come true for me. Not only was creating art for these books exciting, but the topic that they cover means a lot to me. They teach children about entrepreneurship, how to earn money, and how save it.  Best of all, they set a good example for forming healthy financial habits. While the books are intended for a younger audience, I hope that you find them to be a helpful reminder for you as well!

As always, thank you for stopping by!

To order the books please visit:

Bizzy Whiz Bookstore