Custom portrait of two adorable pit bulls, Tun and Brutus. 

Close up of big brother "Brutus". In loving memory.

Close up of little brother "Tun", reunited with his late brother in this keepsake painting.

Another portrait of a beloved family pet!

If you're anything like me, and you hear "Harry Potter", you instantly get excited! 
I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and watching the movies. I would stay up all night reading the latest book when it came out, and dared myself to eat Bertie Botts every flavor beans. I've even had the privilege to visit the Orlando Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter twice! So, I think it is safe to say that I am a lifetime fan!

I received this order from a dear friend to paint her sister in law's two cats in a Harry Potter theme! I just about flipped! I said "Accio Paintbrush!" and got to work. Also, House Gryffindor, anyone? Another one of my popular 8"x8" acrylic on illustration board. If you are interested in having your pets painted even in a fun theme, please contact me. These paintings make fantastic gifts for the pet lover, and can be easily framed. 

A custom pet portrait for a dear friend of her dog Nugget! He is an adorable little floofy dachshund mix. Alongside him is his favorite Froggy stuffy. 

 A close up of the acrylic painting on illustration board.

Skye the Cairn Terrier is one of my parents' three dogs. She is 12 years old. When she was younger we would hit Wiffle balls with a bat in the backyard and she would run as fast as she could to get them. Nowadays, she still enjoys spending the majority of her time hanging out outside. She likes to watch the birds and squirrels play, and she takes naps on the back porch.


Sorry for lack of posts this week! I've been hard at work with several commissions, as well as finishing up this piece. These are my dogs, Cassie and Finn. They are dashing through the snow in typical Border Collie fashion! I have been working hard trying to improve my backgrounds and lighting. I think I am coming along. I am so used to just drawing or painting the subject with no (or very minimal) background. It is always good to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone! This was digitally painted in Photoshop with my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.


A very big and fluffy Alaskan Malamute! He is loving being in his natural snowy environment. This breed for their strength and endurance to pull heavy things. As a result, they make great sled dogs! 

It has been a cold week here in Wilmington, so they snowy scene seemed almost fitting. Although we don't get much snow here. I'm a fan of warmer weather, so I am (very much) looking forward to Spring warming up...and I hope soon! Have a great weekend friends!


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, an adorable little dog with cute little stumpy legs. I found out recently that the Corgi was originally bred for cattle herding! Now that's something I would love to see!

- Lauren

A fluffy Shiba Inu! Wow. So art.
Half way to the weekend!


This is a little drawing I did of a Brussels Griffon. I was inspired by... Instagram @squidthegriff . What a cutie! Digital art done in Adobe Photoshop with the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.