New Work, Ya'll!

By 4/18/2012

Check out my website, for new work. Mostly watercolor paintings that I then made prints of to sell at the CCAD Art Sale. The Art Sale went well, and I learned a lot (it was my first experience in selling my art). I sold prints of my work, and had several requests to sell the originals (ha!). I'm too attached to my work to sell it. Give me a few years.
I thought it was an overall good experience, and in a busy/stressful/nerve-racking way, it was kind of fun. I think I would want to continue participating in art shows and such in the future...hmm Yellow Daisy Festival, anyone? ;) Or maybe Dragon con? We'll see!

I have two weeks left of classes, and it is really weird. I can't believe I'm graduating, but I am so ready! I think I've had my fill of Ohio (sorry, too cold here). I think I'll probably be one of those people that starts bawling when I'm handed my diploma. I've worked so hard for it.

I can't wait until May 14! (the day I move out of my apartment) For those of you that don't know, I am moving back to Alpharetta, GA to be closer to my family, and of course, the boyfriend.

Next week is Directions, CCAD's job fair. I'm not nervous about it at all, mainly because there aren't going to be any companies from Atlanta (oh, well). And no, I'm not making any exceptions. I've suffered being away from home and loved ones long enough. However, I do think I should get good experience from it, as far as interviewing skills, presentation, etc. I think it'll also bring that final closure to being an art student.

Okay, well I don't have any other thoughts to close this post. Time for bed. I'm running on 3 hours of sleep. Night ya'll.

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