2014 Art Dump

By 1/17/2015

Hey everybun,

Here is a collective art dump of 2014 doodles from our old site (it's not much)...enjoy!

1. Year of the Unicorn: 2014 was the year of the horse. I personally find unicorns far more fabulous, and knowing it was going to be a fab year, I turned it to the year of the unicorn for me! :)

2. I had a cat once. They are such demanding creatures. Some people think that cats say "meow", but to me it always sounds like "now!". 

3. Cats are also jerks. Especially during "crazy time" (i.e. when their pupils get big, and they have an overall crazed expression). 

4. What To Do During Winter: This was my first post introducing the buns. Of course since then, they've had some changes made, but I think it is always interesting to see characters and artwork develop and change over time. :) 

 5. Donut the bun dashing through the snow. Try to ignore the obnoxiously large watermark...it was a learning curve kind of year...

6. Oh, hey: I don't know, I love to draw derpy looking cats.

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