Art Retreat Day 1: Bunheads on the Beach

By 4/10/2014

Hello everybun!
I finished up the last little details on my Bunhead paintings during a rainy day at home. I had been working on a few of the bunhead paintings at an art retreat with family and friends a few weeks ago. I've been busy and working away at different projects. I tend to jump around and chip a little off each project. I think it is good to step away for a bit from something and revisit with fresh eyes. My main accomplishment at the retreat was to get the bunhead paintings done. These are acrylic on canvas paintings, perfect for any bunny lover, ballerina or dancer (or anyone), and just in time for Easter! They measure 8x10x0.5 in and are available for purchase!
I vaguely remember getting my idea from seeing a commercial for a tv show called Bunheads, a show about ballerinas (I assume). It seems anything with the word "bun" gets my attention since I love bunnies (I'm sure you could already guess that). 

And some pictures of the beach...and the resident deer (Fripp Island, SC)...warm sun but cool breeze!

Til Next Time!

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