We Got A Puppy!!!

By 6/02/2015

This is Cassie. She is our adorable sable border collie. She is a mix of sweet and a little bit of crazy, she is a ball of fun!
Our happy happy girl!

This is Cassie at 3 weeks old, when we first met her. 

We picked her up a week ago, at 7 weeks of age.

The day we picked her up.

The first few days she was oh so sweet, lovable, and slept a lot. However she quickly became more comfortable in her new home and has come out of her shell. Between bursts of energy, she will crash  hard. Puppy nap time is also a great time for me to get some things done...or better yet, naptime for me too!

Sleepy girl!

She's doing really well with potty training, and has even learned to let us know when she needs to go outside by whining, scratching the door or ringing the bells on the back door. This is happening more frequently, though still not perfect yet.

It took a few trial and errors to find what kind of treats she likes. She pretty much doesn't like the packaged doggy treats you can buy at the pet store. Cassie loves real meat like turkey, so I have been using that for training. I have introduced sit, down, up, look at me, and roll over. We will do several short training sessions each day, since her attention span is not very long yet. I am doing clicker/positive training. Not perfect yet, but she is catching on so quick!

If you are trying to teach/train your puppy or adult dog tricks, I would highly recommend:

I personally really like Zak's videos, they are fun, short, and super informative. Zak explains how and why dogs do what they do, and how to best communicate and train with them. The training is all positive reinforcement with treats and toys and heartfelt praise... which makes it fun for you and your pooch! Who doesn't like that?

She likes her new home, and crate!

Cassie seems to have taken to crate training very well. She will cry for a minute or two (if at all) and then settle down. I think what has helped so much with that is a crate cover, so that she can't see what's going on. I sewed my own from old bed sheets. I also sewed that polka dot blanket for her too!

The only thing that we are having real trouble with (so far) is biting. She is very mouthy (like a lot of herding breeds), and she is learning bite inhibition, at our expense. Both Nate and I have a lot of bite marks already, and holes in our clothes. She is gradually starting to realize that she can't/shouldn't bite so hard on human skin.

Everyday is certainly a bit of a challenge with a young pup, but it is a lot of fun too. We love our new little addition to the family!

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